Phytoremediation: how plants help restore balance to our environment

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Plants are lovely to see – and they can raise your spirits, as well. But perhaps even more importantly: plants also play a very important role in ridding our surroundings of toxic substances. The world is becoming increasingly urbanised and dirty, in rapid tempo. In cities, smog forms a substantial problem, as do soil Read More

And the air purifying or waste processing champion is….

2017-12-07T09:40:00+00:00 By |How To, Research|

Plants are capable of absorbing volatile organic compounds and converting them into nutrients. It has long been known that plants can adsorb substances with the pores on their leaves. In recent years, however, research has increasingly been focusing on the wondrous workings of plant components below ground. Roots absorb toxic substances, to a slight Read More

Why biophilic design always pays

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There has recently been a growing interest in incorporating nature into design and building, known in the jargon as "biophilic design". It produces buildings which feel good and in which people feel better. And consequently perform better. In the workplace, for instance, it goes hand in hand with lower sickness absence rates and higher Read More

What takes your breath away – indoors

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Spring! Welcome back! The winter is over. The windows can be opened wide again, and the stale air replaced with something fresher. While most of us already realise that that’s probably good for us, a study by the Harvard School of Public Health recently revealed that the quality of the air we breathe indoors Read More

Green and hygiene in healthcare: dream marriage or problematic relationship?

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We all know it’s sound advice: being around nature is good for people. We get our breath of fresh air and clear our head in the outdoors. If we look at historical examples, the health sector used to believe so too. Convents and sanatoriums were all located in natural surroundings. In the past 60 Read More

There is a global need for going green in the workplace

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How can you design workplaces where people feel at ease and work to the best of their ability? This is a relevant question for a growing number of organizations. And it’s an important one too, as most people spend a lot of their time in buildings that could harm their health. Gary Cooper, Professor Read More

Green surroundings alter your brain

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Growing up and living in the concrete environment of the city does not really benefit people’s wellbeing and vitality. But why is this? What is the effect of the city on our brain? Or of nature, for that matter. IVN, the Dutch institute for nature education and durability, asked scientific journalist Mark Mieras to Read More

Green living is good for your health, in the long term

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The results of a recent study of the University of Exeter gives extra support for all those who are committed to making the urban environment greener: the effects on your health are noticeable on the short term but continue to do their good work for a longer time (at least three years). Meanwhile, a Read More

Do (virtual) nature and mindfulness improve dealing with stress?

2017-10-05T12:51:56+00:00 By |Care, Research|

Nature lovers already know this, but increasingly more research confirms that nature is good for us. Not only does green improve our air quality, productivity and sense of well-being, recent studies indicated that even a virtual natural environment could help reduce emotional stress. This is an interesting new method to investigate the effect of Read More

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