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  • Mimosa pudica

The wondrous world of plants and how intelligence helps them to survive

Plants can talk. For a long time, that belief was dismissed as woolly nonsense. But the more we come to know about plants and their properties, the more scientists are becoming convinced that plants Read More

How plants flourish: the advantages of healthy soil life in potting soil

It is said we know more about the universe than about the soil beneath our feet. Thankfully, this is gradually changing. A healthy soil is full of life, literally. Full not only of tiny Read More

Phytoremediation: how plants help restore balance to our environment

Plants are lovely to see – and they can raise your spirits, as well. But perhaps even more importantly: plants also play a very important role in ridding our surroundings of toxic substances. The Read More

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel

Green has become a product, and green has become mainstream!

EILO, the European Interior Landscaping Organisation recently organised their third annual excursion, which this year took place in and around Amsterdam. It was especially held in early November to enable participants to also visit Read More

  • Purification de l’air

And the air purifying or waste processing champion is….

Plants are capable of absorbing volatile organic compounds and converting them into nutrients. It has long been known that plants can adsorb substances with the pores on their leaves. In recent years, however, research Read More

  • Hall with lots of green plants

Voting is open for EILO Best Project Award 2017

This year, the European Interior Landscaping Organization (EILO) organises the third edition of the EILO Best Interior Landscaping Project Award. Interior landscapers from ten countries all over the world applied with very diverse and Read More

Buildin’Green II: learn to think in cycles, value and health

2 February 2017 saw the latest edition of Buildin’Green. That is the annual conference that connects the green, sustainable building sector with living green. Every year we choose a venue where this connection is already Read More

  • scandinavia

In Scandinavia, they understand (indoor) greenery!

This year, the biennial excursion of the European Interior Landscaping Organisation (EILO) was held from Thursday, 29 September through Saturday, 1 October in Copenhagen, Denmark. In all, forty-seven professionals from eleven different European countries Read More

  • hospital green and light

It was all about green, so…… what was it not about?

If any one thing became clear to us the morning we attended presentations of six studies being conducted as part of the 'Green Agenda' top sector programme of iVerde and Royal Floraholland, it was Read More

Why biophilic design always pays

There has recently been a growing interest in incorporating nature into design and building, known in the jargon as "biophilic design". It produces buildings which feel good and in which people feel better. And Read More

Clean air is a human right

Clean air should be a human right. That is the essence of the corporate mission of the Finnish Naturvention in a nutshell. To fulfil that human right, the company has not only devised a Read More