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  • Hall with lots of green plants

Voting is open for EILO Best Project Award 2017

This year, the European Interior Landscaping Organization (EILO) organises the third edition of the EILO Best Interior Landscaping Project Award. Interior landscapers from ten countries all over the world applied with very diverse and Read More

  • smog above city

Air pollution needs to be tackled from the inside

From data released by the World Health organisation of the UN (WHO) in March last year, it seems that about seven million deaths are related to air pollution each year. This number is twice Read More

  • green plant

Let plants remove particulate matter from your home

Did you know that chemical emission in the home is common? Emission from everyday products you wouldn't expect: building materials, cleaning products, disposables and printers are common sources of internal air pollution. More and Read More

Green roofs: profit in all respects

The first green roofs were completed in the Netherlands around 25 years ago. Initially there was a lot of scepticism about the sustainability and effectiveness of these roofs but the considerable advantages have since Read More

  • Plant

Energy from living plants? Now that is Plant-e!

Imagine: no more having to work in a hot stuffy office in summer. Instead you can enjoy fresh country air wherever you like. No more hassle if the batteries in your phone or other Read More

  • 07

Green buildings really do need green!

Green is now a much broader concept than plants alone. These days green particularly means sustainable. But, remarkably enough, green plants are only ever sparsely included in sustainable concepts. This is a real shame, Read More