Plants at home, in the office, in the classroom or in health care: they actively contribute to our health, our wellbeing and powers of concentration. Not only do they make us healthier and happier, they also save costs. Think: sick leaves, learning abilities, behavioural issues, air filtering or medication. In our profession this is already known, but how do we broadcast this knowledge to a wider audience?

Online and off-line

Into Green is an initiative of Dutch professional organizations VGB and VHG, aiming to communicate this knowledge about green and how it contributes to wellbeing, health and happiness. Into Green develops both online and off-line activities. The online magazine is published to inspire people and translate knowledge into comprehensible articles and cases. Green isn’t only looked at from a ‘decorative’ aspect, but also from a health perspective. It’s our ambition to continuously inform new groups and get them interested in the subject. Such as architects, HRM managers, CSR experts, but also stylists and people working in health care and education. This website has been made possible through a contribution of the former Productschap Tuinbouw (Dutch professional organization for horticulture)

Off-line we aspire to facilitate the encounter of new target groups with the possibilities and characteristics of plants. Green is often still seen as something extra, not a structural element of human wellbeing. Examples of our activities are the annual Buildin’green conference or our support of the crowdfunding campaign for the green walls of elementary school Floriande.

The people behind Into Green are

Name Function
Marc Custers Department Secretary VHG

VHG, Section interior horticulture

De Molen 30,
3994 DB Houten

Manon Velthuis Policy Advisor VGB

Turfstekerstraat 63

Marieke Karssen Projectmanager Into Green and website editor

Alberthe Papma Research, social media and editor

Join Into Green

Promoting knowledge, offering inspiration as well as networking and sharing knowledge. This is what Into Green is about and all interested parties are welcome to join us. Because together we can gather more knowledge and spread it widely. Only when we promote our knowledge of interior horticulture together, our message will truly reach an audience. If you have a question about plants, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our green network reaches far, and together we can surely answer any questions.

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