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The Into Green team consists of four people. You can read more about us in the 'about' section of the site.

Rich harvests reaped in five years Into Green

2019-01-25T16:25:26+01:00By |Inspiration|

The online platform Into Green was launched five years ago, during the Tradefair. That was no coincidence, as the Tradefair is the exhibition for professionals who work with houseplants. The project was an excellent and unique collaboration between the sector associations VHG (horticulturists and interior landscapers) and VGB (trade in plants and flowers). For Read More

Voting is open for EILO Best Project Award 2017

2017-10-05T08:13:47+02:00By |How To, Sustainable|

This year, the European Interior Landscaping Organization (EILO) organises the third edition of the EILO Best Interior Landscaping Project Award. Interior landscapers from ten countries all over the world applied with very diverse and very inspiring projects in three categories: Stand Alone, Plant Wall and Interior Landscaping. EILO is a cooperation of national trade Read More

In Scandinavia, they understand (indoor) greenery!

2017-10-05T14:36:12+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

This year, the biennial excursion of the European Interior Landscaping Organisation (EILO) was held from Thursday, 29 September through Saturday, 1 October in Copenhagen, Denmark. In all, forty-seven professionals from eleven different European countries took part in the event. On Thursday, we glimpsed the future, via several short presentations, chock-a-block with digital and/or technological Read More

How do we make our buildings green?

2017-10-04T11:10:55+02:00By |Geen onderdeel van een categorie, How To|

If you put this question to various professionals, who are all into green building and interiors, you will drown in their advice! During the lectures at the Buildin' Green conference, but also during the workshops and in the corridors, various inspiring ideas and experiences were shared. An overview:   Know and convince your client Read More

Building green benefits people and planet

2017-10-04T17:50:07+02:00By |Geen onderdeel van een categorie, How To|

An assortment of international interior horticulturalists, interior architects and researchers, but also of policymakers and administrators were inspired by five keynote speakers at the Buildin’Green conference. Their practical cases and experience with building in green attest to a clear vision on durability, economic development and innovation. The five speakers put people and their experiences central. Read More

Want to sell your house faster? Green can help.

2017-10-05T12:49:26+02:00By |At Home, Inspiration|

It’s still quite problematic to sell your house. The number of houses for sale is large and young people starting out on the housing market find it difficult to get a mortgage making the ‘train’ of buyers come to a stop. Thankfully there are ways to increase your chance of selling your house, even Read More

Do (virtual) nature and mindfulness improve dealing with stress?

2017-10-05T12:51:56+02:00By |Care, Research|

Nature lovers already know this, but increasingly more research confirms that nature is good for us. Not only does green improve our air quality, productivity and sense of well-being, recent studies indicated that even a virtual natural environment could help reduce emotional stress. This is an interesting new method to investigate the effect of Read More

Air pollution needs to be tackled from the inside

2017-10-05T13:26:42+02:00By |Research, Sustainable|

From data released by the World Health organisation of the UN (WHO) in March last year, it seems that about seven million deaths are related to air pollution each year. This number is twice that was thought beforehand. This puts air pollution at the top of a rather serious list, that of the major Read More

‘The Currents’: The world’s highest indoor green wall

2017-10-05T13:28:28+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

The world’s highest indoor green wall is in the new building of financial firm Desjardins in the city of Quebec, Canada. This wall, measuring 65 metres in height, is called The Currents and is designed by North-American design company Green over Grey and is inspired by the St. Lawrence River. Not only is the Read More

A green and healthy schoolyard for all children?

2017-10-05T13:34:09+02:00By |Education, Inspiration|

All of a sudden it seems to have become a movement of sorts: healthy and green schoolyards. Both in grade schools and in child care there is a green wind blowing. This is not surprising: never before have we seen so many obese children and kids taking medication as in our time. Add to Read More

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