A green and healthy schoolyard for all children?

2017-10-05T13:34:09+02:00By |Education, Inspiration|

All of a sudden it seems to have become a movement of sorts: healthy and green schoolyards. Both in grade schools and in child care there is a green wind blowing. This is not surprising: never before have we seen so many obese children and kids taking medication as in our time. Add to Read More

Have a chat with plants!

2017-10-04T22:14:24+02:00By |Education, Inspiration|

Can plants talk? And, better still, can we talk to plants? The answer to both questions is yes. Research is constantly teaching us more about how plants communicate, which therefore also shows us how intelligent and complex plant communication is. Artist Collective World Wilder Lab and Prof. Bert van Duijn from Fytagoras have together developed Read More

Can playing outside really benefit kids?

2017-10-05T14:18:52+02:00By |Education, Research|

Increasingly evidence is gathered about the positive influence of nature on the health and development of children. For this reason a growing number of schools in the Netherlands have decided to make their schoolyards greener. Tree trunks, bushes to roam around in, hills, flowers and a lawn, these are just some examples of green Read More

Air quality in classrooms drastically improves with plants

2017-10-04T22:20:22+02:00By |Education, Research|

The air quality in Dutch classrooms is terrible and this has a major impact on educational achievements, concentration, wellbeing and behaviour. Sufficient research has now been conducted to convincingly demonstrate how bad the quality is and how important good air quality is. The good news is that research has also been conducted which convincingly Read More

The number of plants in classrooms is growing

2017-10-05T14:36:03+02:00By |Education, Inspiration|

The fact that air quality is very bad, particularly in schools, is luckily becoming a more well known fact. After all, this means something is now being done about it in a growing number of places! We have brought together a number of inspiring projects here.   Plants in the classroom Fytagoras, TNO and Read More