Rich harvests reaped in five years Into Green

2019-01-25T16:25:26+01:00By |Inspiration|

The online platform Into Green was launched five years ago, during the Tradefair. That was no coincidence, as the Tradefair is the exhibition for professionals who work with houseplants. The project was an excellent and unique collaboration between the sector associations VHG (horticulturists and interior landscapers) and VGB (trade in plants and flowers). For Read More

Green has become a product, and green has become mainstream!

2017-11-29T16:35:39+01:00By |How To, Inspiration|

EILO, the European Interior Landscaping Organisation recently organised their third annual excursion, which this year took place in and around Amsterdam. It was especially held in early November to enable participants to also visit the large horticultural fairs. As usual, the excursion started on the Thursday afternoon with a number of inspiring speakers. The Read More

In Scandinavia, they understand (indoor) greenery!

2017-10-05T14:36:12+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

This year, the biennial excursion of the European Interior Landscaping Organisation (EILO) was held from Thursday, 29 September through Saturday, 1 October in Copenhagen, Denmark. In all, forty-seven professionals from eleven different European countries took part in the event. On Thursday, we glimpsed the future, via several short presentations, chock-a-block with digital and/or technological Read More

It was all about green, so…… what was it not about?

2017-10-05T14:14:59+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

If any one thing became clear to us the morning we attended presentations of six studies being conducted as part of the 'Green Agenda' top sector programme of iVerde and Royal Floraholland, it was that green affects so many aspects of life as a whole. Mankind evolved in the savannas so we feel happier Read More

Natural future interior landscapers

2017-10-05T08:48:54+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

As an interior landscaper, what trends can you best respond to in this rapidly changing world and ditto market to make your business really flourish? Dutch VHG Vakgroep Interieurbeplanters, the union branch for interior landscapers, organised a gathering to discuss trend watching. The appropriately chosen venue was ASR head office in Utrecht where, with Read More

It’s time to really raise awareness for sustainability issues, in a Dutch Ecodome for example

2017-10-05T08:49:58+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

A structure resembling a green UFO has temporarily landed in the gardens of the Dutch Maritime Museum, in between the VOC [Dutch East India Company] and the Startup delta. It is the Travelling Ecodome, commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ) and designed by NL Greenlabel. This futuristic demo model, portraying the Read More

Healthy buildings are a myth, healthy people are not

2017-10-05T08:54:17+02:00By |Inspiration, Workplace|

On Wednesday 18 May, following their report on health, welfare and productivity in offices published last year, the Dutch Green Building Council held a seminar with lectures on health in buildings. The venue was the auditorium of the Haga Hospital in The Hague, the first BREEAM certified hospital in the Netherlands. There was a Read More

Large green walls are spectacular. But how do you keep them that way?

2017-10-05T12:01:29+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

Green walls are available in all shapes and size these days. They have a positive effect on the air quality and the surrounding atmosphere. For the construction of such walls there is usually a budget is planned. Maintenance however, is much less thought about. Yet it’s essential to make sure these walls keep looking Read More

Plants deserve a place in policies for indoor air quality

2017-10-05T12:18:00+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

In a time where more and more people suffer from the negative effects of living, working and learning in insufficiently ventilated and smelly buildings, it can’t be stated often enough: plants clean the air. By gaining more knowledge about the air-purifying qualities of specific plants, consumers as well as educational and healthcare institutions could Read More

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