Gardens for the elderly can make a neighbourhood stronger

2017-10-05T12:21:48+02:00By |Care, Inspiration|

How can you make the world larger for the elderly in care facilities? And how do you connect such a facility to the neighbourhood? Green can be a key factor, as was demonstrated by the residential care centre Tolsteeg in Utrecht. Here a lush enclosed garden and a fruit and vegetable patch were realised Read More

Maggie’s Centres: healing environment for cancer patients

2017-10-05T12:23:48+02:00By |Care, Inspiration|

A safe and warm place where cancer patients and their families feel welcome and can be among themselves; this is what Maggie Keswick Jencks envisioned in 1993. A place where information is given and social support, dietary and exercise advice as well as relaxation therapy are readily available. A place to meet. In 1993 Read More

On the quest for an urban biotope

2017-10-05T12:30:10+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

About a decade ago, the city centre of Almere was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, as a curved plateau, literally lifted above the existing roads. Recently the residents of Almere were asked about their opinion. And their response was quite harsh. About 80% reported the city was overdeveloped, not humane enough and certainly Read More

The fascinating green walls of Patrick Blanc

2017-10-05T12:33:50+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

Green walls have become commonplace. Every interior planter or horticulturalist can offer them in all shapes and sizes. You wouldn't think it's a recent phenomenon. But until 20 years ago no one ever thought about vertical planting. It takes some investigate research to develop an innovative concept like a green wall. Its technical implementation Read More

If plants are intelligent, then what does intelligence mean?

2017-10-05T12:37:16+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

We humans have the tendency to think that intelligence needs a brain. We find it difficult to view a living thing that can’t run away, that we can’t hear or see communicating and that we can easily cut chunks off without it dying, as something that is ‘intelligent’. Plants just are, and they grow. Read More

How EILO went ‘into green’….

2017-10-05T12:43:25+02:00By |Inspiration, Workplace|

EILO, the ‘European Interior Landscaping Organisation‘ was founded four years ago by four European professional organisations for interior landscapers. Since its foundation, two international conferences have been held, but this was the first time a multi-day excursion was organised. The objective was to share work, knowledge and inspiration. And this all happened, but the Read More

Want to sell your house faster? Green can help.

2017-10-05T12:49:26+02:00By |At Home, Inspiration|

It’s still quite problematic to sell your house. The number of houses for sale is large and young people starting out on the housing market find it difficult to get a mortgage making the ‘train’ of buyers come to a stop. Thankfully there are ways to increase your chance of selling your house, even Read More

The ‘new world of work’ is better off with plants

2017-10-05T13:17:23+02:00By |Inspiration, Workplace|

A ‘new world of work’ has arrived. We work flexible hours and we work everywhere, but mostly we work in open-plan offices. This new way of working can affect your health. There is noise pollution for instance, or the lack of one’s own space. What role could green plants play in the new workspace? Read More

‘The Currents’: The world’s highest indoor green wall

2017-10-05T13:28:28+02:00By |How To, Inspiration|

The world’s highest indoor green wall is in the new building of financial firm Desjardins in the city of Quebec, Canada. This wall, measuring 65 metres in height, is called The Currents and is designed by North-American design company Green over Grey and is inspired by the St. Lawrence River. Not only is the Read More

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