It’s still quite problematic to sell your house. The number of houses for sale is large and young people starting out on the housing market find it difficult to get a mortgage making the ‘train’ of buyers come to a stop. Thankfully there are ways to increase your chance of selling your house, even though there are many similar houses on the market. You will not do so by focusing on the decoration of your house, but by making it greener.

Since the housing market came to a halt in the Netherlands, five years ago now, the prices of houses have dropped by 20%. According to the CPB (Dutch central planning agency) there are three reasons why prices are still not rising. First, people’s income has dropped as well. Secondly, there is a lot of insecurity about the politicians’ plans for the housing market. And, finally, this is all made worse because a large number of houses stays on the market for a longer time, continuing to spiral down in price.

But in order to find the right buyer for your home there are a number of tricks, just now that the housing market seems to be improving.

One empty house is not the same as the next

In the current market, many houses for sale have been empty waiting for a buyer for quite some time. A lot of these houses are decorated in an attractive way, and for viewing days a cake is baked in order to make them smell good, but the houses still remain dead quiet. Not because there are a few obvious magazines lying decoratively about, but mostly because the air remains stale. Viewers immediately detect this when they enter a house for sale.

Potential house buyers are on the lookout for a new home. A space that feels dead will never feel like home. Placing plants in the rooms doesn’t seem to be a drastic improvement, but there you might be mistaken. For starters, plants are living beings and on a subconscious level people can feel this: an empty house is lived in when there are plants about. Another benefit is that plants clear the air and filter out odious smells. A room with plants in it smells fresh, has sufficient oxygen, even when nobody has been around for a long time. A third reason is that stylish planting, carefully selected, will make a room visually attractive, just like a pretty painting would do.

We feel at home in nature, naturally

Healthcare institutions have discovered that patients heal faster if they have a green view or when they are surrounded by plants. They can handle pain better and, in a general sense, feel better. This knowledge is put into practice in more and more institutions, where people can ‘naturally’ feel more at home, in the literal sense of the word. This fact can also be used in a house that should become someone’s new home: a welcoming and green garden and beautiful, fresh and well looked-after plants inside. Differences in taste put aside, everyone will react positively to this. Naturally.

The effect is the same on a larger scale

We have already discussed in this article what you can do to sell your house, but city councils have already discovered that greener neighbourhoods have less troubles, healthier inhabitants and – good to know – real estate in these residential areas is often worth more than ten percent than elsewhere. Read on about Green living is good for you, in the long term. This tells about a recent survey of the University of Exeter about the influence of living in a green versus a grey environment. Or, alternatively, read: what plants to use to improve the air quality in your house.

This video shows wat green has already achieved in Sydney. Very inspiring.