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From Smart to Healthy in the workplace

In the US, her home country, Elizabeth Nelson both witnessed and experienced the effect that a 'non-stop-till-you-drop' work ethos combined with a sitting culture in unhealthy buildings has on people. That must and can Read More

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How EILO went ‘into green’….

EILO, the ‘European Interior Landscaping Organisation‘ was founded four years ago by four European professional organisations for interior landscapers. Since its foundation, two international conferences have been held, but this was the first time Read More

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Lean versus Green, and the winner is…

Most interior horticulturalists will have encountered this phenomenon in recent years: clients had to cut costs on those things that are considered a luxury. Most often the plants at the office are the first to Read More

Open plan offices could do with more plants

One after the other organization has introduced the ‘new working’ style. No more separate little offices, but flexible open-plan office spaces. These crowded and noisy space are called ‘office gardens’ in the Netherlands, but Read More

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Urban farming in empty office buildings

There is 7 million square meters of empty office space in the Netherlands! People are increasingly flexible and working from home. So what needs to be done about these empty buildings? Government Architect Frits Read More